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Here is my bookmarked web list. I don't guarantee that any of these sites still  exist, that they are in the right category or that they are of any interest at all. Use at your own risk, but enjoy with my blessing.

I have now updated this list to check that all the connections work. I shall do this in future periodically. Ignore the "last updated" line at the very bottom of the page, this page last check 3 June 2018.

  • ^ Note that links marked ^ have been checked, confirmed working and/or updated at the last update of the page. These are coloured normal blue if you have not visited them.
  • * Note that links marked * may no longer exist - they are under investigation and will be removed shortly if necessary. These are coloured brown if you have not visited them.
  • ** If marked, these links probably don't exist. I need to do some web searching to try and find where they have gone. These are coloured red if you have not visited them.

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This page last updated: 10 June 2018