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This site is split into three main areas, plus this information section. There are overlaps, of course, that is rather inevitable.

I'm a pagan druid living in the West Midlands and active on the pagan scene there, so one part of the site is about the pagan activities in Birmingham and around.

A second part of the site is about my druidry, plus other spirituality such as Wicca and Shamanism. This includes my poetry and a whole section about trees and another about ancient sites, the Stone pages.

The third part of the site, is some other pagan stuff which doesn t fit elsewhere.

In this News and information section, you will find an introduction to the mundane Derek Carr,  who is the pagan Syrbal.

I'm interested in all sorts of things, so you might find links to other places if you continue looking!


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This page last updated: 06 June 2018