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SyrbalWelcome to Syrbal's Bit. This page is about Syrbal himself.


 I am Syrbal Gwelt Bard, Syrbal the first chaos druid of the Shire or Syrbal the Wolf in Pagan circles. Syrbal, since the initials of my mundane name turned around form a labrys — the shape of the waxing and waning moons. The labrys is the holy axe sacred to the a labrysmother goddess of the Minoans. It is my symbol of the Wiccan side of my beliefs and practice.

I am also Reverend Derek Carr, High Priest of T.O.G.A.N., The Temple of the Golden Apple Network, an Erisian temple affiliated with the Universal Life Church of California, U.S.A. See my Wiccan pages.

Unicorn Gwelt is Welsh for mad, inspired or shaman. Perhaps I am mad, but the main intention of this is to signify my Celtic shamanism, which is the path that I practice most. My guide is the Wolf. Previously it was the unicorn - I took the name "The Rainbow Unicorn".

I am Syrbal the Wolf - a druid initiate, ovate and bard.

The ULC have also given me the honorary titles of Doctor of Divinity, and Doctor of Philosophy in Metaphysics. They've also canonised me (they do things like that - nice people).

Syrbal at the Druid's WellBard is just that: I am a bard and a druid initiate. I was initiated at the Gorsedd of Caer Abiri (Avebury) at Alban Eiler (Spring equinox) of 1997 into the Gorsedd. I am also studying druidry with, and am a member of, the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids where I have completed my Bard and Ovate training and have commenced my Druid grade (hence druid initiate).

An ovate is a healer, a diviner and a spellweaver/priest. So I am a Reiki II healer and a priest of the old religion - a follower of the Craft of the wise. For druidry and bardic information, visit the Grove. There you will also find my poetry and language links and my pages on trees etc

Note that I use spellweaver, earth magickian, ovate and witch interchangeably depending on context. Most non-pagans have the wrong idea of Witch, and I have no idea what they would make of 'ovate', so spellweaver has a nice poetic ring about it, while being accurate enough.

From all this then, I try to serve the pagans in this community. My service to them is to help provide places they can go to find more information, as I have on these web pages, and in the locality. I am a Pagan Federation (PF) local coordinator and help to run a moot in the Birmingham area of the UK.

Image - Pentagram My spiritual path has been through evangelical Christianity, qabbalism, Tibetan Buddhism and neo-taoism to Wicca then to Druidry. I was a spellweaver since University (67 or 68 at least), as I was doing spells even when I was a Christian! I still have much respect for the Nazarene's teaching, he was a great druid and shaman. It is the institutionalized church and their teaching and practises I have trouble with! I've recently discovered that I was doing chaos magic about two decades before the term was invented.

As far as my current path is concerned: I discovered Wicca in 1995 began with it shortly after the 1996 New Year (calendar) and dedicated myself to the Goddess and God at the first Esbat of 1997.

After a year of study in Wicca I realised that its closed aspect was not quite what I wanted, and that the open nature and basic concepts of Druidcraft was better suited to my paths. I believe, however, that there is very little difference between an ovate and a witch, only in style. The witch perhaps putting more emphasis on spell working, and the ovate using more shamanic techniques.

I've toured a lot in Greece, Italy, France etc. so I know the Greek and Roman Gods well, they have been until recently my main Deities. However, after looking closer at the Celtic way,  I found Bran, Brigit and Arianrhod, who are very personal to me. I am also to studying the Saxon Gods, but I only have one book for them as yet (Freya Aswynn's "Leaves of Yggdrasil"). I shall get around to it when the time is right.

Picture of Cernunnos as shaman from the Gundestrupp cauldron After reading John Matthew's "The Celtic Shaman" in July 1997 I realised that what I was doing and had been doing for many years, was very much shamanic, but I would not call myself a shaman. I use the term Gwelt (Welsh for mad or inspired) now for that way.

 I am writing a book relating the Qabalah to spiritual path-working within all religions, especially (neo-)Paganism and Wicca. This has a working title of "The Ascended Kingdom". This relates to the Tree of Life, and the position of Malkuth, the Kingdom, in it. It is a new interpretation of the Tree and other revelations I have had relative to the "New Age" and Wicca. One major idea you can find in the chapter "Dimensions and the Tao".

 I started a book about trees and their myths. There are many such books available, so I decided not to continue this as a book. I am continuing it however for my own use. You can see the results in my Trees page.

My horoscope is Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune in Libra! Sun square to Ascendant in Capricorn. Venus in Virgo and 9th house.

Not a complete hagiography :-) but it'll do for now. You can always ask me if you are curious enough.



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