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Who is this Derek Carr anyway?

I am English, born in Birmingham, U.K. where I now live.

I'm a retired software and engineering author, working most of my career on the continent of Europe.

My job was to provide technical documentation for the company: test dossiers, installation, operation, and maintenance manuals, and help to the software engineers in producing the specifications for the equipment.

I went to University in Bristol, England where I got a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics, then worked in a couple of places in England until I went to work abroad in Europe in 1973. I returned to England in 1996 and finished work in 2002.

I have worked on contract in Paris, Munich, Copenhagen and Amsterdam, for people like IBM, Philips, Honeywell/Bull, Panavia and Kongsberg. I've worked on commercial autopilots, fighter plane central computers, the spacelab pre- and post-flight analysis software, logistic systems, logic analyzers, to name just a few of the jobs I've done since 1971 when I started writing manuals. Mostly I was working for Hunterskill/Howard Nederland BV who last contracted me until the end of August 1996 to Origin/AFM II a software house, where I was writing user manuals for an integrated computer-aided design system for circuit boards (like you put in your computers, for example). Then I was living in Eindhoven the Netherlands until the end of August 1996, after which I returned to England. The company I last worked for in Tyseley, Birmingham from 1997 to October 2002 made equipment for the pharmaceutical industry, which is sold all over the world to the most famous companies.

My interests include travel, photography, poetry, the environment and the occult.


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