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The Holly tree

The holly is one of the ogham letters - Tinne in Gaelic and comes immediately after oak, Duir, in the alphabet. They are the seventh and eight letters respectively. This means that when the Ogham is used to represent the months, standing with Birch (beith) at Samhain, oak and holly normally come either side of the summer solstice, one of the more important druidic events.

In common with other pagan paths, and following from this to an extent, the oak represents the waxing year and holly the waining year: the oak king and  the holly king.

In the Cad Goddeu, the Battle of the Trees which has much druid law in it, but is so encoded and hidden its true meanings have virtually been lost,  Holly's line is "best in the fight", perhaps a reference to the ancient practice of making spear hafts from holly wood.

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