Arbour Low

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Arbour Low, Derbyshire

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Arbour Low is a recumbent stone circle within a henge, similar in kind to Avebury.
Above is a panorama across the site in a series of shots.
Pan to the right to see all of it.

Notice in the picture below, the escarpment on the horizon making a 'notch' in the hills a little
to the right of the centre of the picture. The two stones in the centre of the circle, shown above,
line up with that notch and also match a ley-line running straight through the centre of the circle.

Arbour Low       Flowers on central stone

Above right, offerings on the centre stone. There are many others too, showing this is a much used ritual
space. If you are using a space like this, remember the code - if you must leave offerings,
make sure they are biodegradable and are never toxic (like salt) or damaging, (like wax).
Otherwise leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but memories.

All pictures © 2005 Derek J. Carr