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Syrbal's Grove

Welcome to Syrbal's Druid's Grove, home of Syrbal the Wolf.

I am an ovate initate. I was initiated as a bard at the Gorsedd of Caer Abiri (Avebury) at Alban Eiler (Spring equinox) of 1997 into the gorsedd. This was with the British Druid Order (BDO). I am also studying druidry with, and am a member of, the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. I was a bard long before that, though, and that is another story. I was initiated into the OBOD ovate grade at the end of July 1998.

Here in the Grove you will also find my poetry, Druidic links and my pages on trees etc.

What is druidry? OK, I asked first! Perhaps I am now just beginning to understand what it might be, and what it all stands for. Druidry is not something that can be explained in a couple of web pages. Neither is it something that can be explained in a couple of month's work either. It is a path to somewhere, an inner light and an awareness. In the eastern traditions this is called enlightenment, but that is almost as difficult to explain and understand as Druidry in the first place, so perhaps we have taken a step backwards in even beginning this explanation which is not an explanation.

I might add that I am not being mysterious to be exclusive. I am not able to make you see the colours that I see or smell the smells that I smell, so why should you expect to understand the spiritual experiences that I experience, especially when the words are not there to describe them? So I encourage you to take your own path. To walk your own walk on that path and allow those that are also travelling in a similar direction to help you and encourage you on the path and to be travelling companions.

In a way, this is one of the main teachings of the modern pagan movements: we are all travellers along a road, and we see the road and the goal differently, yet we are companions on that journey. In the organised religions, as Christianity and Judaism, the "church" sets itself as the road you travel.

Blessings in the shade of the oaks of wisdom.

How did I come to druidry? At school I took part in the crowning of the bard ceremony, and have felt that I was something of a bard, through my poetry and other artistic approaches, for many years. So I called myself a Bard, from early on in this path, for good reasons, I beleive.

 I was initiated as ovate at the OBOD lughnasadh camp 1999. Before and after that I have been working with healing energies, which is an important part of the ovate path. First I learned much about aromatherapy, then later in the year and in 2000 I had my reiki I and II initiations.