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Syrbal's Pagan Page for Birmingham and the West Midlands

These are the pagan information pages for Birmingham and the West Midlands (UK).

These pages show information about the pagan moots and such like in the West Midlands.  Most of the information is now on Facebook, so you won't find very much here any more.

A new area is the pages on our story. There is a lot of things there,  I hope you enjoy them.

The sub-pages are:


Page to be updated. This is a list of the current moots in the region that I know of.

Brum info

A new page about the region.

Our Story

This is a whole reorganised section with lots of new, and, I hope, interesting things


The moots page is not up-to-date, but I am only including West Midlands moots and concentrating on Birmingham moots. There is a lot of action on the moots front, so I shall try to keep this up-to-date.

The East Birmingham and Solihull moot has moved from the Great Western to the Lyndon, Barn Lane, Olton, Solihull B92 7LY. [Their number is 0121 743 2179] This is difficult to get to by bus so call me and I can arrange for you to be picked up (0121) 743 9226 or 07990509156.



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