Story of B'ham Pagans

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A History of the Birmingham Pagan Community

These web pages are an attempt to show the activities of the Birmingham pagan social scene from the 1980's until today. This is entirely a personal view, and there are bound to be some gaps.    

The early years from the 1980's until 1996

The Crown

1996-98 Growth and some moves.


Crisis at the Mercat 1999, and Druids Well ritual

1999-06-27_02 Druid's Well ceremony - Paul Elwin Derek Debby Martin John Debs q & Lee 99-06-08

Yule ritual at Wychbury on TV - not yet available


May Fair Millennium Place Town centre 2001


PA Camps


Events and trips


Some of our Rituals

Syrbal & Sarah - (c) Mercury

Here's the full list of these pages:


Early years
1996-1998 - Growth
Crisis at the Mercat '99
Our Rituals
PA Camps
Events and trips
2006 Events
Past events
October 2006
Walk and Talk moots
Year of the Rat 2008
Lost Forest events
Shri Balaji Temples 2010
St George's Day
2011 Moseley Bog Family moot



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