Walk and Talk moots

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Walk and Talk Moots

I set up the Walk and Talk moots in 2005. I took no pictures on the first one in March. Then the next one we combined with the PA summer picnic, 2005. In September 2005 we went to our first Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens Apple Day. Finally to the MAC and Cannon Hill in October for the last moot of the year, but no photos.

March 2006 saw us combine a walk and talk moot with the spring ritual, but again, no photos. Next was the Lickeys in May for the bluebells, the Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens again for Apple Day. In August we to Hoar Park (on the way to Nuneaton). No pictures again, sorry, nor for the next one in Sutton Park in September.

There were 3 moots in 2007, but no pictures of any.

On the May 2008 moot in the Lickeys (for the bluebells), no one turned up; it happened occasionally. So I went round on my own.

2008-05-11 100_1058 Lickey Hills, path through the woods

2008-05-11 100_1065 Lickey Hills, bluebells

We had a good moot at the Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens Apple Day in October, however.

The 2009 walk and talk moots were quite successful.

The 2010 walk and talk moots were not so successful, and eventually, I put the whole thing on hold, and that is how it has been every since.


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