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Past Pagan Events in and around Birmingham


I've been a bit lazy about the events this year. But I now have the photos of the PA Lammas camp loaded. They are in two sections: public pages with photos of campers too and videos here, and the internal camp photos and videos here.


Sun 8 October 2006 2:30 to about 5:00, Walk & Talk moot Apple day at Castle Bromwich Hall gardens, followed by a reception at Deborah's with Olivia and Mark. An excellent turn-out, many thanks to everyone, and I'm glad you all had a good time. Photos here.

Sun 24 September 2006 Drumming at the Green Man, Lickey Warren 6:30. I understand a good time was had by all (I was on holiday in Spain at the time.)

Tue 19 September 2006 11 – about 1  First family coffee moot  at Birmingham Art Gallery café. I managed to pop in for a few minutes and it seemed a really good moot. Well done to the organisers.

Sun 17 September 2006 2:30 to about 5:00, Walk & Talk moot Sutton Park, from Boldmere Gate, Stonehouse Road. Not a big turnout, but we had a good walk, and some good talking, and were very lucky with the weather.

Sun 10 September 2006 Simon's garden moot. What a lot of fun. A brilliant family day out. Many thanks to Simon and Mel for a great afternoon.

Friday 18 - Sun 20 August. PA Lughnasadh camp.

Sunday 13 August. At Hoar Park assembled everyone for the walk and talk moot. There was Pat, Vicki, Sam, Barry, Clement, Duane, Martin, Rhiannon, Polly, then Eva (the Canadian) and her husband Stephen and their 3-year-old Cara. Some of us had a look round the antiques shop, and I felt very odd at different places: mostly where Barry said there were problems. Clement has been in once and said that he wouldn't go in again: I know how he feels. And Duane got a headache and a stabbing pain in his chest. Not a nice place!

Just after 3, we split into two teams: the quicker walkers went to the lake, and six of us went to the woods. It was a really nice walk, with lots of trees and plants to look at. I even found some blackberries to eat, and the others collected sloes. We got back just after 4. The lake party actually didn't walk as far as we did! Then we had our coffee or tea and cake: I had an Eccles cake and coffee. They charged £1·85 each, which was fine.

Just around 5 we headed off to Moseley Bog for a ritual by the Rainbow moot. We arrived in good time, and we eventually had a good ritual. A bit unusual. Mostly invoking the gods and thanking them in our own way for what our harvest was. I thanked about my ovate gift and ovate work, and got a round of applause. Rhiannon recited an excellent poem. Then we had beer, bread and chutney and cakes, which was good.

Saturday 8 July. Martin and Rhiannon's handfasting. Great afternoon and evening. Lots of joy to them both.

Sunday 25 June. Many of the PA were coming back from an early morning ritual at Stonehenge, so no-one came to the Walk and Talk moot and Midsummer ritual at Moseley Bog.  I did the ritual on my own in a quiet little place. Went well enough.

Sunday 11 June. This evening went to the Lickeys for a full moon ritual led by Eileen and Martin. We had a good turn out, 18 people, and a good ritual. Quite a few of  us were robed, which was good. I called for peace in the quarters. Martin lead us on a meditation, where I met Arianrhod as moon goddess. I got an impression of a conflict of sun and moon and I see something of that in Llew, Gwydion and Arianrhod. She says she still can't forgive Gwydion.

Sunday 4 June. Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens the coffee moot there. There was a pretty good turn out. After a bit of a chat, we went in the gardens and we had a guided tour, going to areas that you aren't allowed to go unless with a guide. Glynis brought her boss, some department head from the Botanical Gardens, called James, with her. Interesting chap. Good tour.

After tea went to the Wellington for the PA general meeting. Nothing very special, just good to get together and make sure things are ticking over nicely.

Fri 19 - Sun 21 May 2006. PA Beltane Camp.

Sunday 14 May 2006. the Lickeys Walk and Talk moot. I was ¼ hour late (so arrived at 3). Rhiannon, Vicki, Barry and Duane were waiting for me. No one else came, but that's not too big an issue. We went on a long walk starting over by the car park, following the bluebell trail. A bit muddy in places, but some great views and really nice. It stayed dry for us, and even got warm occasionally. It took us just over an hour for the round walk, then we went and 'chilled out" at the green man. Most enjoyable afternoon. Photos here.

Sunday 30 April 2006. Moseley bog maypole and Beltaine ritual. Eric put up the maypole, and Martin and Rhiannon led the ritual. I called north. There was a good turn out, people even coming from as far away as Hereford via relatives in Stourbridge, and Cleobury Mortimer! Vicky was May queen. An enjoyable afternoon. Photos here.

Mon 20 Mar 2006 7:30 Scruffy Murphy moot equinox party, which was good fun. Most people won something in the raffle.

Sun 19 Mar 2006 2:30. First Walk and Talk moot of the year and equinox ritual in Cannon Hill park. We had a turnout of about 30, which was very pleasing. Martin and I did the ritual, and unplanned it ended up being fairly inspired. I enjoyed it, I wasn't sure it would work with that set-up, but Martin is very easy to work with. So a great afternoon.

Wed 15 Feb 2006 7:30 wonderful, evocative talk by Mike O'Donnell, a New Zealander of Irish Descent, and expert in the Maori Traditions. He is referred to as "The Waterman" as he teaches how to listen to water. He comes from a shamanistic background.

Tue 7 Feb 2006 Imbolc ritual at the Wellington, Bristol Street.

Mon 6 Feb 2006 Imbolc Party at Scuffy Murphy's (Central Moot)


Friday 16th December 2005, PA Yule dinner. See the picutures.

Sunday 11th September 2005 (Heritage Days),  Walk and Talk Moot at Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens (Heritage Day Free Entry)  - with special guided tour. Not only visited the gardens which was great, got lost in the maze, and visited the local church and climbed to the top of the tower. An excellent day.

Saturday 10th September 2005, Pagan Conference  in Birmingham City Centre.  Well done to all the organisers - despite the terrible weather, it was counted as a great success by all those there.

Friday 19th to Sunday 21st August 2005, Lammas  Camp, Dovedale, great weather.. Beer tent, very good hot food, lots of workshops, lots of drumming and other music, brilliant plant walk, great visit to sacred sites: Nine Ladies, Arbor Low, Dol Tor. Lovely Lammas ritual, built and burned the wicker man, dancing and chanting around the labyrinth. See the pictures here.

Saturday 23rd July 2005, Liz and Tim from the Scruffy Murphy moot were handfasted and ta lovely ceremony lead by Eric and Jean at Clopton Country Park, near Stratford. See the pictures here.

Sunday 17 July 2005, Walk and Talk Moot and PA  picnic at Lickey Warren. Great fun, great weather and a great afternoon out. See the pictures here.

Sunday 26th June 2005, PA trip to Stonehenge for sunrise.

Sunday 8th May 2005, Beltane ritual with maypole. See the pictures here.

Sunday 20th March, 2:30pm Open ritual at Wychbury Hill Lead by Eileen and Martin.

Saturday 19th March, 2:00pm at Martineau Gardens (on Priory Road in Edgbaston). Hedd Wyn's Grove's open Spring Equinox ritual.

Sunday March 13 2005 First Walk and Talk moot at the MAC. 7 of us had a very good afternoon.

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Monday 21st June 2004 7:30 pm Druidic midsummer  open ritual at Moseley Bog.

Sunday May 2nd 2004 6pm Open Beltane ritual, Wychbury Hill.

Saturday May 1st 2004 Beltane celebration at the Custard Factory, Digbeth, Birmingham - at Lunastra by the Green Man.

Saturday 10th April 2004 Traditional Canadian sweat lodge, near Earlswood lead Eve Gray Wolf (visit the website or tel 01564 702690.)

Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd May 2004. First PA camp in Dovedale, organised by Eric and Jean. A great camp and great weekend. See the pictures here.

Wednesday 24th March 2004 8:00pm First meeting at the new Tap and Tun (formerly the Greet) Moot (see moots page for info). Things went well with the new landlord.

Sunday 21st March 2004 Five shamans on a hill. Equinox/ Eostre ceremony on Wychbury Hill in the afternoon about 2:00pm.

Saturday 20th March 2004 Ostara Celebration at the Custard Factory, Digbeth, Birmingham - at Lunastra by the Green Man. Painting eggs and paper flowers, group visualisations, drumming, poems and stories. Refreshments provided.

Saturday 20th March 2004 Pagan Picnic is celebration of the Spring Equinox at the Lickey Hills: In Search of the Green Man and Traditional Egg Rolling. (No ceremony, just a friendly get together.)

Friday 19th March 2004 PF Spring Equinox ritual at Martineau Gardens at 7pm.

Sunday 29th February 2004 Urban Tree Wizard's Coffee house moot at the Art Gallery's Edwardian tea rooms.

Saturday 28th February 2004 Plant a Tree Fair, 12 - 6, Martineau Gardens (opposite Priory Hospital, Priory Road) near Birmingham city centre. Story telling, divination, therapies, merchandise. £3 entry charge. Money raised by this event went to tree planting across the West Midlands, which, if all goes to plan, will include planting a tree on Wychbury Hill to replace the one that was damaged.

Sunday 1st February 2004 2:00pm Imbolc ceremony and well dressing at the Sand Well, Sandwell Valley Park.

Saturday 31st January 2004 6:00 pm Imbolc ceremony at Lunastra in the Custard Factory, Digbeth, Central Birmingham.

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Sunday 2nd November 2003 Open Samhain ritual at Wychbury Hill.

Saturday 6th September 2003 11:00 am PF West Midlands Conference at Stourbridge Town Hall.

Sunday 3rd August 2003 Open Lammas ritual at Moseley Bog

Sunday 22nd June 2003 3 pm. Druidic solstice ceremony at Moseley Bog.

Saturday 21st June 2003 from 3 pm to late. Midsummer fair at the Custard Factory (Gibb Square) corner Heath Mill Lane and Digbeth, Central Birmingham. Lots of stalls, top class bands (Arctic Sun and Inkubus Sukubus), an event not to be missed.

Saturday 25th January 2003 2 pm. Urban Gothic Tree Wizards Coffee house moot in Redditch.

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Saturday 28th December 2002 2 pm. Coffee house moot at the Custard Factory dance studio (behind reception). Organised by Urban Gothic Tree Wizards.

Saturday 21st December 2002 Mid-winter/Yule ritual at the Custard Factory (Gibb Square) corner Heath Mill Lane and Digbeth, Central Birmingham. Meeting at 2:30 p.m., but a bit delayed with the football and shopping traffic. It started just after 3:15 pm. We had many helpers with the ritual, from candle-bearers, alter bearers, callers of the quarters, announcers of the quarters, Wolfie as the drummer (very effective).

The ritual was led by Sarah and Syrbal. I made it a general Pagan ritual, with elements from several pagan traditions but obviously with some strong Druid bits. Half of the ritual was inside, and half outside by the Green Man - in a bit of drizzle, but it was not too cold thankfully. The Sunday Mercury was there, and the Birmingham Post interviewed me before and a photographer turned up later. Here is what they said and the photos they took.

Sunday 3rd November 2002 2:00 Samhain ritual Wychbury Hill. Everything was a bit late getting going, unfortunately, but it was mostly dry, and we got back down the hill before it got too dark. A great ritual led by Rhiannon and Tim. Many thanks to them, and all who came (it was a good turnout).

Saturday 2nd November 2002 7:30 Halloween Fancy dress party at Stonehouse. A great time and some REALY scary costumes!

Saturday August 24th 2002, between 10.30 am and 7.30 pm 'BY TOOTH & CLAW . DRUID 2002', a conference for all druid order members and others at the Amblecote and Wollaston Rooms, First Floor, Town Hall, The Crown Centre, Stourbridge, West Midlands.

Friday 12th July to Sunday 14th July 2002, Pagan Association camp, Eldersfield, Gloucester (where we were before) - to coincide with the battle of Tewkesbury re-enactment.

Saturday June 29th 2002, earth healing ceremony, Wychbury Hill 4 pm.

Sun. April 28th 2002 Pagan Association's Beltaine ritual in Moseley Bog.

Tues March 26th 2002 First meeting of Golden Arrow moot, Acocks Green - see moots

Feb 3rd 2002, Imbolc Well Ceremony at Sandwell Valley Park.

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Sunday 9th Sept. 2001 PA coach - but all were welcome - to nine ladies stone circle - handfasting and protection ceremony (threatened by quarrying). See the pictures!

Friday 31st Aug. - Sun 2 Sept. 2001 Pagan Association camp - at same place as before.

Monday Aug. 27th 2001(Bank Holiday) Crown moot talk by Eve on female shamanism.

Saturday Aug. 25th 2001, from 10:30 West Midlands PF conference Stourbridge Town Hall.

Sunday Aug. 19th 2001, 11 am Lughnasadh picnic and visit's to Beacu's well (Berkswell), and Kenilworth.

Weekend of 8th July 2001, Pagan Association Camp. See the pictures.

April 28th 2001, in Birmingham's Centenary Square, the Pagan Association (PA) organised a May Day Celebration, which included traditional festivities such as a May Pole with Dancers and a market. See the pictures!

Thursday 8th Feb. 2001 at the Stonehouse moot, Eve on the Goddess.

Wednesday 7th Feb. 2001 at the Greet - Anthony Hayward on the Green Man.

Sunday 4th February 2001 - Imbolc Well-dressing and ceremony at the well by the priory ruins in Sandwell Park. Park Lane opposite the Golf course. The rain held off for the whole ceremony.

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2000 Highlights

December 2000. Yule 2000 ceremony – see The Midlands Today report

23rd November 2000: Sherry - Talk on Earth Spirit.

August 30 2000 - Leigh gave us a very interesting talk on full moon and dark moon meditations and the web of energy lines - with practical dowsing that we could take part in. There were just under 30 people present.

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1999 Highlights

July/August 1999 was Anglo-Saxon month:

  • Wednesday 18th August - Antony on Anglo-Saxon herbcraft.
  • Wednesday 11th August - Eclipse day. Discussion on the eclipse.
  • Wednesday 4th August - Derek on pronunciation of the runes, spell-casting and divination with the runes.
  • Wednesday 29th July - Lee on practical applications of the runes - writing and reading the runes. Also intro to Lughnasadh.

July 21st 1999: Greece and its Gods and Goddesses. A personal account by Debbie of her trip to Greece and a discussion with Derek about the Greek Gods and Goddesses and their relationship to the land.

July 14th 1999 Derek talked about meeting the anima or animus and how that could help to ensure that your meditations/pathworkings/astral journies could be made safe.

Sunday June 27th 1999 Picnic  and ritual in the park. A few of us met at the town gate of Sutton Park and  then all were ferried round to the other side of the park for a picnic. Then  we found the Druids Well. In a beautiful spot surrounded by a ring of holly,  in turn surrounded by a ring of oak and ash Syrbal led a druidic ceremony  based on the one that he had recently participated in at Stonehenge, at the  old Midsummer, Litha or Alban Heruin. See the picture page for more.

May 12th 1999 : Bobcat (Emma Restall-Orr) co-chief of the British Druid Order: "Druidry, creativity and sexuality".

April 28th 1999 : Short discussion about Beltaine and plans for a celebration.

April 21th 1999 : Aromatherapy by Tracey and Lynne of Likisma.

Wed. 31 March 1999 Aromatherapy by Tracey of Likisma. Tracey provided us with a short presentation of the Likisma products. These products seem to be exceptionally high quality (with a price to match). But if you are looking for that ... For example, she told us, at my prompting, how the lavender oil is made. After the lavender is harvested, all the woody stuff, etc., that is left behind, is gathered and used as in the fire to cook the solution. After the oil is extracted, the 'water' that is left behind is used to water the land for the next crop. It is this attention to detail, and that the oils and other products are certified organic and from renewable resources that makes their products popular with the most discerning users.

 Wed. 24 March 1999 Poppets by Wilf. Wilf is a traditional Romany witch. He told us about the making of poppets, in other places called voodoo dolls. Not for sticking pins in, of course, but for love and healing. Poppets are an advanced technique in the craft, and have been around for at least 4000 years. They need the application of eight forms of magick, including intent, visualisation, herb lore, sympathetic magick, knot magick, words of power, etc.

Wilf went into several of these areas, but nothing too deep, and it was a very interesting evening. He's promised to talk again on some of the subjects he just touched on this evening.

Wed. 10 March 1999 by Eve. Differences between elements in North American and Wiccan traditions.


John and June showed us the video of the Farrers about witchcraft, in two installments. Very interesting. They have another which they will show later in the year.

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