PA Lammas Camp 2005

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Pagan Association Camp

August 19th to Sunday 21st 2005

For other pictures see the Stone  pages of Arbour Low, Dol Tor and Nine Ladies, and Travel 2005 pages, Dovedale.

Lammas camp gazebos

PA members on the Dove

The camp's great gazebo structures.

On the plant hunting walk up the river Dove.

Drumming workshop

Drumming workshop

The drumming workshop - just one of many workshops.

More of the drumming workshop

John Barleycorn

John Barleycorn

John Barleycorn!

John Barleycorn with Sam and Troll

John Barleycorn

Eric, Liz & Andy on Boulder Stanton Moor

Andy, Liz and Eric climbing the boulder near Doll Tor, Stanton Moor on our trip round the sacred sites

John Barleycorn again with Sam and Troll

Liz and Eric, Dol Tor

Liz and Eric, Dol Tor

Liz and Eric in the magical circle of Doll Tor.

Another view of Dol Tor with Eric and Liz.

All pictures © Derek J. Carr 2005. Permission is granted to anyone appearing in the pictures to print them. Permission is also granted for the pictures to be used in PA promotional literature once permission has been received by anyone recognizable in the picture. All other rights reserved.


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