PA Camp May 06

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He's my diary entry for the camp.

Saturday 20 May. Got to the camp about 3. Pretty muddy in places. The normally dry ditch between the fields is a rather nice little stream running from the Dove, which surprised me. I camped on a ledge by the ford overlooking the stream. I had to use a wedge to get level, so a biggish step down, but a nice spot.

PA Beltane Camp 06 new stream02I got there just in time for some rather nice minestrone soup. Then there was a soap-making workshop, which  I watched. Then a bit of sitting around talking, a little flute and drum playing. Then chicken curry with naan dinner, which was good and a little salmon. Then we did the Beltaine ritual, then sitting round the fire, playing, singing telling stories etc. Then we walked the labyrinth, we had lit earlier, once it had gone dark. I really lost myself for a moment in it – great. Then back to the fire, had some great drumming, storytelling, and I played flute a bit more: even did some ensemble stuff with Jimmy and some singers. Jimmy and I were last up (about 2!), it was so nice by the fire, but very cold away from it.

PA Beltane Camp 06 muddy field02PA Beltane Camp 06 muddy exit03

Penga and Ros were there, but Ros had a bad turn and they had to leave early. Martin and Rhiannon came from about 5 until 1: they had to see a wedding organizer Sunday morning. Apparently Clement was there yesterday, but had to go, as his tent leaked.

PA Beltane Camp 06 streamSunday 21 May. Rained all morning, heavy showers in the afternoon, and a little sunshine as I got home just before another heavy shower. I mostly did my own things in the morning and didn't get to the pavilions until about 12. That was mostly talking until lunch about 2 or 3. Lunch was 3 hot dogs and baked beans. Enjoyed it, but I probably shouldn't have had that! Not long after lunch it was the Pooh boats race. There was a bet on the boats, and I liked Fiona, Andrea and Polly's boat (bundle of twigs) FAP that won last year. 1 bet, and I got 250 back when it won! Very exiting and fun race down the "new" stream. Not long after that, we got ready to leave. I helped getting the pavilions down. I left about 3ish, making sure I was  off before everyone left: I was right, I did get stuck in the outer field and needed a push from several people.



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