PA Camp Lammas 06

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Here's my diary entry for the PA Lughnasadh camp 2006 in Dovedale.

PA camp Aug 06 My vanSaturday 19 August Sunny in the morning, then some heavy showers. Not cold. I got to camp about 12, just nice for lunch. I felt sure that I wouldn't be able to get across the dry ford, and looking at it again, I was sure that the back of the van would get stuck, so I camped in the field where we'd camped before, not far from the portaloos which are a new innovation this year.

Not long after arriving, there was a good talk by Gwydion on magical tools, which I sort-of did half of, relating to the four treasures theme. I got quite a bit from Gwydion's part and I wanted to do that talk myself, so it was very good.

PA Camp Aug 06 Gazebo CityThere was time then to talk while some people had lunch. Talked quite a bit with Simon (who used to run the central moot). Then Eric did a workshop on astrology out on the field, and that was interesting, with Eric's info being a bit wrong. Well we sorted it out between us! Then a drumming workshop, most of which we had to do inside Eric's tent, when we had a heavy shower. That was good.

Following that a chanting workshop with Jean. There was only a few of us, Fiona, Polly, Duane, Mel's Simon, Jean and I but it was quite good. This was a rehearsal for the chanting we were doing in the circle and after in the labyrinth. Jean wanted an Awen after the labyrinth, and I taught them that and the drawing in and releasing the energy. There was more time to chat after that, in the gazebos (called gazebo city), out of most of the rain. Then we had dinner. It was a chicken stew/super mild curry with rice, PA camp 2004 central firethat they charged 2 for, and was good. I had seconds, so I didn't need much at the van: just had a joghurt a bit later when I washed up.

Then a bit later we had the Lughnasadh ritual and the burning of the wicker (actually straw) man, representing the harvest, with a couple of crows. This followed on straight into walking the labyrinth, and the Awen chant around it, when it started to pour with rain and we all retreated back to the gazebos (but even they didn't keep us that dry. So, lots of chat then, in two sections, most of the Great Western moot were in the gazebo, with Rhiannon and Martin and most of the others were round the fire, as the rain eased. The talk went off in all kinds of directions, some of it getting a bit raucous, but very funny.

Eventually we all moved out by the fire and part of the sky cleared and the number of stars to be seen was fantastic. I went back to the van about 1 and to bed about 2, but the others went on till 5, so they told me later.

Sunday 20 August Cloudy and rain showers, some heavy in the morning, easing in the morning. It was mostly sunny when I came home with a fantastic sunset. After breakfast went and said hi to people, then had a meditation with the big old alder that I was nearly camping under, which was very worthwhile. Then walked round the field, looking at the various trees there. I then spent the rest of the morning chatting with people round the gazebo, fire or the field generally. There were no workshops I wanted to bother with.

PA camp Aug 06 camp field [2]

PA camp Aug 06 camp field [1]

Ros got a bad bite and I gave her some tea-tree and lavender oils to put on it, and I met Liz then she had asked me yesterday about various trees, so I took around and showed her a few. I then found a couple of hazels growing in the field, and went back and did a meditation with one. Now that was interesting! The energy swirled round me, and I started feeling quite dizzy.

Just after 1, we did the Pooh boats race, which was great fun. There was an entry from the Great Western moot, that Barry, Sam and Vicky had put together. It got stuck, so Vicky went in after it, and ended up up to her armpits in the river, soaked! I let her change into dry stuff in the van: she needed to be able to stand. Then I made the four of us tea and biscuits which was appreciated. So I missed the end of the Pooh boat race and the award presentation. But Vicky got a prize for the most courageous.

Eventually, come about to 4, we had lunch which was a barbecue of hamburger, sausage, bean and tomato salads and boiled potatoes. Then followed by corn on the cob. Nice. Again only 2.

Time for a little more chatting, and doing washing up and getting ready to go. I talked to James and a girl called Jeanette about music and trees and stuff. It was difficult to pull myself away. Ultimately I got off just before 7.



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