PA Camp 2004

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Pagan Association Beltane Camp

In 2004, 22nd May, we had the first PA camp in Dovedale. It's a magnificent spot at the confluence of the Manifold and Dove rivers. Here's a selection of pictures I took. Click on a picture to see a full view of it in a new window.

Camp entry

Syrbal's van at the camp

Sheep in the dry stream

Most of the camp

River Dove

More of the camp

Across the dry stream

A busy camp

Simon as Green Man

Dawn, Jade and Carol

Ria doing tarot readings

The Altar

Ria and maypole


The maypole

Sunset on the Dove

The maypole

Launching pooh-ships

View from the camp

All pictures © Derek J. Carr 2004. Permission is granted to anyone appearing in the pictures to print them. Permission is also granted for the pictures to be used in PA promotional literature once permission has been received by anyone recognizable in the picture. All other rights reserved.




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