Camps 2007

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Derek's Camps and Stuff 2007

Again this year I've already put most of this stuff on my site, so I'll give you the links here, and you can pop over to those pages, then use the back button to come back here.

First was the OBOD Beltane camp in May right at the foot of Dragon Hill, Uffington (of White Horse fame). OBOD camps are closed camps, so photos are not generally allowed to be shown openly on the web. It was very sunny, but very windy.

100_0121 camp central fire and Dragon Hill

100_0138 2007 Beltane Camp from Dragon Hill with Kevin

Here's the camp site, though, with Dragon Hill at the back.

And from the other direction, looking down from Dragon Hill.

Then I went to the OBOD (Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids) gathering at Glastonbury in June. I took no photos there, this year, as the rain was torrential!

Then to the OBOD Summer camp end of July, beginning of August. I am not sure I. have any photos of that I can put here though.

Then the last camp I went to was the PA Summer Camp in August - follow the link to see the Derbyshire and Staffordshire countryside and a couple of videos on the river Dove.

All photos © copyright 2007 Derek J. Carr


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