2004 Custard Factory

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Midsummer festival at the Custard Factory.

I went just after 3. I put the rune cards on the stall, walked around, looked in the gallery (mostly to get away from the rather loud bands playing). Met lots of people, especially some I'd not seen for ages, like Tallis.

I went home then (had not planned to do that), had my tea at home, then went back for about 6:15.

Plenty of things to do and people to talk to until the ritual (Bobcat and Mark) about 8:30. We had packed up the stall by then. No sales of the rune cards (or of anything very much except the very cheapest stuff and some magazines).

The ritual was quite fun but a bit of a show, until it rained and they had to switch off the microphones. Then we all got in closer and it was a much better time.

The bands were playing again, then later (which I had stopped for, about 10:30) Tim's band Arctic Sun was on, accompanied by the fireworks. The band were quite good and the fireworks great. While I was waiting for that, somebody, fooling about with his girlfriend, knocked me and my chair over. Amazingly, I was not hurt at all. Lucky that.

I left before Arctic Sun had finished, about 11:30. I'd had enough. I had a bit of a dance during the evening, and it was a long day.



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