October 2006

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Some Trips in October

I seemed to get around a lot in October: you've already seen a couple of shots of the Lickeys in October, now a few more. Lichfield, Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens apple day, Alcester, Kenilworth and, in early November, Kingsbury Water Park.


On my birthday I went to Lichfield.



Walked to the town park by the river, the flowers were looking great still. Then to the cathedral, which is rather magnificent. Mom felt better today, but was shattered by the time we had gone round the cathedral (it is rather big!) We went to the cathedral tea rooms for a cream tea, but after waiting rather a long time, we found they had run out of scones. So we went round the corner and in a nice old street found another tea-room where we had a good cream tea (with a good mug of coffee).

Then we went to Carol's as was suggested to us, but weren't that impressed: the Christmas stuff was fun though. Then we wandered through the old town: I don't remember having been there before. There are some very fine old buildings there.

Lichfield cathedral

The cathedral has one of the most decorated west fronts. The figures are of saints and kings of Mercia, even pagan ones, like the famous Offa.

Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens Apple Day

ApplesThen the next day, I went to our local hall, Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens, for their annual apple day with some friends. First we watched the Molly Dancers, then wandered off to look at some stalls on the Archery Lawn. I tried an apple and some wonderful apple juice they'd crushed. After that up to the displays of apples and potatoes. Met up with some of our crowd again, and I showed them the spindle trees and the cyclamen under the yew, before some of them had to drift off. Then I found some others doing a tour of the apple trees, so got to eat a couple of them (very nice too) and then round to some fruits, quince and medlar, and back to the orangery for a couple of cups of wonderful pumpkin, onion


River Arrow, Oversley GreenA little later in October, mom and I went to Alcester, walked round the town as we normally do, and then along the road to Oversley Green to the bridge where the rivers Arrow and Alne join. I took this very autumnal shot there, and I'm currently using it as my background image on the desktop.

and apple soup.



KenilworthAt the end of October, we went for a day to Kenilworth.

We've had a wonderful autumn this year, with the trees looking wonderful. He's a shot in Abbey Fields, Kenilworth, with a great avenue of richly coloured trees


Kingsbury Water Park

At the beginning of November, we were then going to go to Sutton Park, but the traffic jams up and beyond the Clock were horrendous, so we got on the M6 and drove over to . The main car-park in 񋌡0, so we didn't stop there, but we had heard that there was somewhere round the back that we could park for free. It's over the motorway and up a long narrow, winding lane. There does seem to be a fee of 2 sometimes, but the barrier was open today and we parked there.

Kingsbury Water ParkWe went for a walk round the lakes, which was great. We stopped in a couple of hides and saw a number of different birds, including herons and cormorants, etc. Fortunately I'd taken the binoculars with me. In one hide we saw a  sitting in a tree on the opposite bank – only with the binoculars. It's the first time I've ever seen one. Great.

Kingsbury Water Park

Kingsbury Water ParkIt seemed a longer walk than the mile I estimated, and we were tired when we got back to the van, and appreciated our coffee and scone. Got back about sunset, which was quite red.


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