Skye & Rowan Baby-naming 08

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Baby-naming ceremony 24 Aug 2008

This was in Hoar Park (near Nuneaton).

From my diary: I left about 12. I couldn't see anyone at first, but we had to go round the back of the barn. Barry was outside, and everybody else there was inside doing things with the food and such like. I gave Sam a laminated copy of the druids' prayer, which I was basing the blessing on later. She also asked me to do a blessing of the spirits of place at the beginning and end. Of course I was very pleased to say yes. It took ages to get anything off the ground. We got there at 1 and went to the ceremonial place in the woods about 3! It was a good job we had some sandwiches with us to have a snack to keep us going.

Mom complained that it seemed a long way to the wood, but it wasn't really, and the spot was lovely. I thanked the spirits of place for having us and the really nice ceremony got under way. I was pleased with the blessing. Nice ceremony, which took about an hour, I suppose, not too long. Then back to the barn for some nice food. Mom and I came away a bit after 5, if I remember correctly.




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