Scarlet's meal 2017

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Autumn Feast at Scarlet's

Scarlet and Stef put on a splendid, vegan spread, loads of food and all really nice. I took the Bacardi and Calvados and started with a rather weak Bacardi and coke (diet of course) and one or two had some too. Scarlet and Stef tried some Calvados at the end, and a lot of people sniffed it at least! We were 13 all together with 10 of us from the moot, the regulars, plus Dan and Lucy who both live local. I wore my special brown waistcoat, and it was much admired (and envied by Scarlet).  It was a splendid evening, very enjoyable. I suppose I left about to 11 or so.

2017-09-19_01 Scarlet's Autumn Feast

2017-09-19_02 Scarlet's Autumn Feast

2017-09-19_04 At Scarlet's Autumn Feast

2017-09-19_03 Scarlet's Autumn Feast




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