May Fair 2001

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Pagan Association May Fair pictures.

The Mayfair stalls. Sandy and her daughter Jenny at their stall.


The lady morris dancers.



An international event

image04A truly multicultural event! East meet West! This Asian wedding party get into the act.

Maypole dancing by the local PA.!


The Maypole: This is Syrbal trying to hold the ribbons!


More of the entertainment

image07The men's morris (who disappeared after a boozy lunch I understand!) Or was it the weather?


image08North American Indian dancing: Eve, her daughter Emma, friends Wolfie, Ria and Noggin (with the drum)

image09North American Indian dancing - Eve and her daughter Emma

All pictures © Derek J. Carr 2001. Permission is granted to anyone appearing in the pictures to print them.  All other rights reserved.




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