2017 Yule Meal

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The Yule meal 2017

We got ready and went out for the moot meal at the Plume of Feathers, Shirley just after 4. We got there just after everyone else except Maddy and James coming from Derby. We had to wait some time for them, too. Marie had a voucher because of shares she'd inherited, for 20% off for up to 10 people. So Ed paid for everything and we gave him the money; so that was good. Mom had a small carvery, but the beef was tough, so she complained and got another slice of turkey to replace it. Otherwise, it wasn't too bad, not terribly warm, though, and mom isn't so enamoured with the ambience of the place. I had a 'skinny' ham and mushroom pizza (still quite big) and a great salad from the salad bar, which I enjoyed very much. The pizza wasn't very hot, because I had to help mom get her meal first, but it was OK and I enjoyed it, especially with the salad. I took a photo of us all as a selfie which worked quite well: I'm starting to look a bit like Timothy West! Maddy took a really nice photo of mom and me. We finished and left round about 7 or so.

2017-12-16_01 Selfie at Yule meal, Plume of Feathers

2017-12-16_02 Selfie at Yule meal, Plume of Feathers

2017-12-16_03 Mom & I at Yule meal, Plume of Feathers


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