2017 Music afternoon

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Music and Story Afternoon, Sutton Park, August 2017

From my diary: I got things ready, including a couple of ham, cheese and tomato rolls for the picnic and set off at half past 11, rather later than I wanted. I took a couple of wrong turns on the way; it's been a long time since I've been to Sutton Coldfield. But I got to our picnic place  just after past 12 instead of 12, so I did fairly well: not too much traffic. I had to pay 2 to drive in. Actually there were quite a lot of cars coming in, most going to the Boathouse Restaurant. I was the first one there, so I parked and had a walk to see if I could find the Druids' Well. I couldn't. It's all very much more open than it was last time I was there and nothing looked familiar. It was also rather muddy. So I gave up and came back to the area by the car-park and set up. I was about to have my lunch when some of the others arrived: Jules & Ed in Becca's car, Maddy and Scarlet in Stef's. We set up and had our picnic, sharing stuff. Tony and Alison arrived with their children Kya and  Tiberius (!) about 10 to 1. We had a good picnic and then a good music session. I had a go on Maddy's sax, and Ed's didgeridoo, and tried to teach her how to get a note out of a flute. After quite a bit of work we were getting somewhere! Becca told us one story. It was a fun afternoon. I created a stone (pebble) circle round us as in the gwersi (and written up in my Druid diary). There was definitely a difference.

  Most of them went to the Druids' Well and said it was rather badly vandalised, so I'm glad, perhaps, that I didn't find it and just remember it in better days.  We dispersed about half past 3 or a bit later. I stayed on and went a walk down to the lake, and sat a little. I left about 4 and got home around quarter to 5, which was just nice.




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