2016 Music afternoon

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Music Afternoon, Moseley Bog, Sept 17 2016

From my diary: I got the chord harp down, searched for and found the tuner and plectrum. Then packed up the two chairs and the clarinet in the shopping trolley, and the collection of flutes, Aborigine sticks, and drum in the chord harp bag and set off for our music and story afternoon at Moseley Bog. I got there at half past 3, as was originally planned to find only John there who told me that it had been but back to 4 (but we went on half hour extra at the end, anyway). Maria was the first to come and she gave me a jar of pickled (soused) herrings! I demonstrated all the instruments. The clay flute went down very well. Maddy and Becca came a bit late as Maddy s dad had had a heart attack and they visited him in hospital before getting to us. He's fine though. We had a great afternoon, Em tuned the chord harp and I used it in a drum session; that was good. Maddy brought her saxophone and clarinet and much fun was had with that too.

We mostly got to the Billesley  by about half past 6. Maddy had to leave us for a hen party! But Leigh was there, Abi came and Naomi joined us later. We had a great meal together – more fun. I was going to have a chicken korma, but they'd run out, so I had a chicken skewer on rice with a salad and a glass of wine and a big ice-cream dessert. Very nice (not cheap though). We stayed quite a while after the meal, which took ages anyway. I got home a bit before 10! Great afternoon and evening.

2016-09-17 IMG_1936 Music afternoon, Moseley Bog

2016-09-17 IMG_1941 Derek, Music afternoon, Moseley Bog

2016-09-17 IMG_1943 Music afternoon, Moseley Bog

2016-09-17 IMG_1942 Lucy & Derek, Music afternoon, Moseley Bog

2016-09-17 IMG_1944 Music afternoon, Moseley Bog




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