Early years

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The early years

As I didn't come back to England until 1996, the previous history is based on information from Barry Walker and Tony Steel.

One of the earliest pub moots was set up in the mid 1980s by Richard Westwood, in Selly Oak, near his shop "Pagan Link". Unfortunately he died in 1988, and no one took on the moot. Later that same year, Tony Steel and Wendy Keys of TK started a new city centre moot, in the Pen and Wig (later renamed The CrownScruffy Murphy's), then at the Crown just up the road on the corner of Corporation Street. It was a quite successful moot for some time but eventually folded. There was nothing then until Barry Walker and Rob Rook started a new moot in 1993 at the Wellington, Bristol Street on Thursday evenings. There were usually five to ten people going. In 1995 this moved to the White Swan in Washwood Heath, and changed evenings to Wednesday and then ran for several years as the Wednesday moot in several different locations.

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