Crisis at the Mercat '99

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Crisis at the Mercat

The manager of the Mercat has passed on the information that the Monday moot is losing him money at the moment. Monday‚€™s moot 5th July 1999 could, therefore, have been the last there. We were given 4 more weeks and that was that.

Several people suggested to Lorraine, the manager, that lower turnout should be expected in the summer, with people having other things to do, such as holidays, and most students not being in Birmingham. We shall have to see what the landlord says.

If the worst comes to the worst we shall have to move. Monday is, after all, primarily a social evening. There might not, in that case, be any problem in meeting in any suitable pub.

Midsummer 1999 at the Druids Well

Sunday June 27th

Picnic and ritual in the park. A few of us from the  Greet moot met at the town gate of Sutton Park and then all were ferried  round to the other side of the park for a picnic. Then we found the Druids  Well. In a beautiful spot surrounded by a ring of holly, in turn surrounded  by a ring of oak and ash Syrbal led a druidic ceremony based on the one that  he had recently participated in at Stonehenge, at the old Midsummer, Litha  or Alban Heruin.

1999-06-27_01 Derek the Ovate at Druid's Well, Sutton park 99-06-07Here's Syrbal at the Druids Well wearing the magnificent wreath made for the occasion by Liv-Marie.1999-06-27_02 Druid's Well ceremony - Paul Elwin Derek Debby Martin John Debs q & Lee 99-06-08

And here the others that attended the ritual.

From left to right: Paul, Elwin, Syrbal, Debbie, Martin, John, Debs, Maddy and Lee. Pictures taken by Charles. 



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This page last updated: 06 June 2018