1996-1998 - Growth

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The initial years of growth

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In 1996 Barry Walker left, and Rob and Barbara Rook, who ran Osiris on Holliday Quay ran things until Christmas, then I took over.. On Sunday 22 Septembe1998-08-09_02 Derek at the ancient yew, Wychbury Hillr the moot went to Wychbury Hill (right) for a Mabon ritual. They had been using Wychbury for some time previous to that. On 25 September, I went to the Swan for the first time for a Wiccan Circle. Every Wednesday until Yule we then met for a teaching and discussion moot. We learned about such as banishing, and circle and chakra work. At the end of October we went out for a balti together, then a couple of days later went for a moving Samhain ritual at Wychbury again. We went there again for the Yule ritual.

GGreetus sold on the Swan and we started getting problems with the new landlord, so we left in May 1998. Diane found us the Greet Inn (left), and our first meeting there was on 13th May 1998. At the end of June 1998, I handed over the running of the Greet to Martin and Debbie Williams.

      The White Swan was not the easiest of places to get to for people from the other side of town, so a city centre moot was re-established in the early summer 1997. It was held at the Mercat and run by John Rothwell, with meetings every two weeks on Monday, from the beginning. This moot was enormously successful for a time, occasionally attracting over a hundred people.

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