Syrbal's Cave

Welcome to Syrbal's Cave. This page is a bit about shamanism, a bit about other pagan paths. It is currently very  much a work in progress.

What is a shaman? The shaman is a servant to his or her tribe, his or her community. Without a tribe or a community a person  can't really be a shaman. However, that doesn't mean that we can't use shamanic  techniques. It's like using proper medical techniques to help your family  or friends. Some things you can do without being a doctor. So there are shamanic  techniques that we can use without being a shaman.

I am writing a book relating the Qabalah to spiritual pathworking within  all religions, especially (neo-)Paganism and Wicca. This has a working title  of "The Ascended Kingdom". This relates to the Tree of Life, and the position  of Malkuth, the Kingdom, in it. It is a new interpretation of the Tree  and other revelations I have had relative to the "New Age" and Wicca. One  major idea you can find in the chapter "Dimensions and the Tao".

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This page last updated: 10 June 2018