Welcome to The Shire, Syrbal's Home Page and Syrbal's site.

This is Syrbal's main page. I am having to move it off one of my hosts, so getting rid of a lot of obsolete stuff and reorganising the whole site, including this page which never really worked properly!

It's still in three parts, but a bit different now:

1. About my local pagan community in Birmingham and  West Midland, UK.

2. About my Druidry and paganism, with pages of my poetry, about trees and the ogham, and about stones and stone circles and such like.

3. Some other stuff that doesn't fit in the above categories.


2018-04-12_03 Me after the shave
2017-04-30_15 Dinas Canolog Beltane ritual, Lynda, Michael & Derek IMG_2087

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